Mind Matters Radio Show

Mind Matters is a talk show hosted by Dr. Larry Ross, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Joan Duhaime, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. We are seasoned mental health professionals with over 50 years combined experience.

The show includes guest interviews, answers to questions emailed from listeners and discussions of a variety of psychological issues, perspectives and theories. Thoughts, feelings and questions familiar to each and every one of us are addressed. Tools for coping with life’s challenges and information designed to enhance growth and development will be provided.

Previous shows have dealt with such topics as:

  • Theories of Emotion—Love, Anger
  • Understanding and Exploring Mental Health Diagnoses—ADHD, Mood Disorder (Depression, Bipolar Disorder), Anxiety Disorders, Sociopathy, Narcissism, Pathological Lying
  • Psychological theories—Maslow, Erikson, Freud, Skinner
  • Life Issues–Blended Families, Communication, Loss, Grief, Letting Go, Breaking Negative Patterns, Parenting, Marriage, Separation/Divorce, The Meaning Of Success, Moral Development, Gender Differences, Self Esteem, Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence

A complete list of topics can be found and downloaded (to your computer, ipod or smart phone) FOR FREE from the podcast section on itunes under Mind Matters by clicking here.