Collaborative Marital/Couples Therapy

I offer Traditional Marital/Couples Therapy as well as Collaborative Marital/Couples Therapy (also known as conjoint marital therapy). Collaborative Couples Therapy utilizes two therapists, one male and one female.  The goals of Collaborative Marital/Couples Therapy are the same as for Traditional/Marital Couples Therapy but the collaborative model offers these additional advantages:

  • Each member of the couple has their own advocate.
  • Two therapists (male and female) working with the couple provide a gender balance in the therapy.
  • Both male and female perspectives are represented by the therapy “team” as well as the marital/couples team.
  • The relationship between the male and female therapists (which includes different communication styles, problem solving modes and negotiation techniques) serves as a model for the relationship between the couple.
  • When one therapist is engaging with the couple, the other is observing the marital process, thereby allowing for additional insight that may not occur with just one therapist.
  • Because the Collaborative Process is more balanced (and in some ways more focused) the therapy often requires fewer sessions than the traditional model.