Traditional Marital/Couples Therapy

I offer Traditional Marital/Couples Therapy as well as Collaborative Marital/Couples Therapy (also known as conjoint marital therapy). In Traditional Marital/Couples Therapy there is only one therapist.  The goals of Marital/Couples Therapy are to:

  • Repair wounds caused by marital dysfunction.
  • Improve communication and compromise.
  • Enhance/rediscover friendship with each other (which is the bedrock of all relationships).
  • Help each spouse to understand and empathetically respond to the thoughts and feelings of the other.
  • Learn how to disagree in healthy ways that promote growth and increase understanding.
  • Differentiate the symptoms of marital dysfunction from the underlying problems that cause the dysfunction.
  • Change negative habits and patterns that maintain marital dysfunction.
  • Build or rebuild trust in the relationship.